Free emergency medic wallet ID cards

In an emergency being prepared can make a life saving difference.

 Emergency wallet ID cards let you keep your medical information handy in the event of an emergency.

 An emergency ID wallet card is not just for people with serious medical conditions. Anyone could become injured or unconscious at any time, leaving a spouse or loved one unaware of a crucial situation. In an emergency you may not be able to speak and give vital information to alert others about your special health needs. Medical providers must sometimes treat emergency patients without having basic medical information about the individual or any way to contact someone who could provide vital information. Upon finding the emergency card in your wallet, emergency personnel can notify them of your situation. Hopefully, your emergency wallet ID card will never be used. But its nice to know that this wallet size folding card can help in contacting your family in case of emergency.

 To create and print a free personal emergency medical ID wallet card, click on the wallet card image below to download the form.

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Free emergency medic wallet ID card

 In addition to a wallet card you may want to consider carrying a MedicTag USB emergency medical information device. All your emergency medical information can be carried on your key ring. Easy to use - Convenient to carry

Medic Tag USB medic alert